Pallet optimization

Many companies still use pallets that do not fully comply with their requrements. The reasons can be inconvenient technical parameters of the pallets (their construction, load-carrying capacity or even difficult manual handling) or unsatistactory prices.

Drying of the pallets and packaging

A process called Kiln drying (KD) is a procedure, during which a redundant dampness is eliminated in a closed drying closet until the required figures are reached. The overal dampness of wood treated this way must be less than  20 %.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a phytosanitary process designated and used for elimination of living pest in wooden material.  The wooden packaging must be heated up to at least 56° Celsius for at least 30 minutes.

Transport of the pallets

We provide the delivery of your pallets to any place of delivery within the Czech Republic as well as the EU. Thanks to our own transport devices, we are able to ensure fast and optimized delivery of a demanded quantity of pallets thanks to variable transportation capacities of our vehicles.



Firewood is basically a by-product of out manufacture, mostly consisting of remaining planks and prisms no larger than 30 cm in lenght. The firewood is suitable for instant use without the need for further sawing.

Just in Time deliveryjust in time


We provide 24-hour, full service delivery effected through Just in Time logicstic technology. To ensure this service, we keep a large part of our pruducts in stock.

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