Renewable resources

The major share of our production is made with the use of renewable resources. The wood used for the production of the pallets emits low volume of carbon dioxide. Even though ecological liquidation or combustion, the wood emits only such amount of carbon dioxide it had consumed during the growth of the original tree. The advantage of wooden pallets over plastic ones lies in the possibilities of their restoration and subsequent reuse in other circulation. Wood and sawdust discadred during the production is later processed in the production of pressed pellets or used in agriculture.

Workplace relationships

We respect our employees, therefore we try to grant them maximal conveniences to ensure their effective productivity. Our priority is constant improvement of a secure and pleasant working environments. We hold an opinion that occupational health and safety is not only our legal duty, but also our common responsibility. Beyond the call od our duty, we provide functional footwear and garments, luncheon vouchers, vitamins and beverages to back up their fluid supply.


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