Pallet optimization

Many companies still use pallets that do not fully comply with their requrements. The reasons can be inconvenient technical parameters of the pallets (their construction, load-carrying capacity or even difficult manual handling) or unsatistactory prices.

Technical pallet optimization

By  "technical optimization" it is meant that we are able to design and produce custom-made pallets that will comply to your specific needs regarding your own handling machinery, product packaging and last but nor least, the demands of your customers.  

Price pallet optimization

By "price optimization" it is meant that pallets' load-carrying capacities are adjusted precisely to the actual weight of the transported goods. Many companies often use pallets with higher lead-carrying capacities than necessary. Therefore, we offer to design more "light-weight" solution while still guaranteeing the required technical parameters of the optimized pallets. This brings significant financial savings.

All the optimizes pallets are being tested to comply with appropriate norms and to draw a probationary protocol. Pallets can be colored and/or supplemented with your company's logo or business sign. Pallets can be also packed and stacked in order to meet your specific technologies.


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