Pallet production

Our company produces all sorts of pallets from standard ones to atypical designs and pallets with different load-carrying capacities. Jsme připraveni přizpůsobit návrh palety přesně Vašemu zboží. The majority of our production is manufactured on fully automated lines of productions, which helps to achieve high quality standards.

Pallet distribution

We provide the distribution of pallets of various kinds. Our product portfolio comprises EUR pallets, standadrs and atypical pallets, wooden pallets and pallet extensions. All offered goods comply with required ČSN norms. Customers can either pick the goods on their own expenses or ude our service of „Just-in-Time“ delivery (it applies only to delivery with the Czech republic).

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets most commonly fall into the category of irreversible packaging, therefore emphasis is put on low cost production. We offer disposable as well as deck pallets, pallets for chemical industry and many more. 


Euro-pallets are corrently the most widely used logistic material in Europe. The production of EUR pallets comes under strict regulations defined by  ČSN 269110 and UIC 435-2 norms. The „EUR“ label on the side of a pallet is a credible sigh of indusputable quality. EUR pallets go through heat treatment and comply with an international phytosanitary  standard FAO ISPM 15.

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